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BTNY is a New York based company that designs, develops, and manufactures women’s apparel for a vast spectrum of customers

throughout North America. We carry out the entire process from trend research to import and distribution.

BTNY proudly specializes in seamless apparel and technology based products. Working with a broad range of vendors,

we are able to achieve the best sourcing solution for every case.



Design + Development

In-house design service helps our client achieve desired standards for each product. We offer assistance in all parts of the process, including research, garment specifications, tech packs, sampling etc.

Sourcing Solutions

BTNY has a vast range of partner factories in Asia, allowing allocation of both small and large scale production to fit each and every case. Strong relationships with our vendors ensure competitive pricing and the ability to negotiate top priority in production schedule. BTNY holds our vendors to the highest standard and travels to their overseas facilities regularly.


Our keen understanding of both the American apparel market and the overseas production process enables us to effectively bridge the gap between client and factory. BTNY performs the day to day communications with the factory, giving the customer a streamlined production experience with peace of mind for accurate, on-time deliveries.


With in-depth knowledge of shipping and warehousing logistics, BTNY offers LDP import services and distribution to final destination. With the help of our trusted freight forwarding partners, we provide guidance with the customs clearance process and offer money saving solutions to FOB clients.